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What is the best medicine or home remedies to get rid of blue mold in your ears? I have tried everything and still having problems. It's like a ringing or buzzing in my ear and it's driving me crazy.



A ringing or buzzing in your ears is referred to as tinnitus.  There are a number of causes for this the usually it has to do with poor blood circulation in the ear.  There are several home remedies you can use and they work by increasing blood circulation throughout the body and brain.  Many people use Ginkgo biloba.    I suggest you get the extract form because it is more concentrated.    You'll need to take it for a least a month or more before you really see a difference but stick with it because it really works.  My grandmother had tinnitus real bad.  She used to complain about it so.  I brought her some Ginkgo extract and within a month she could really hear the difference.  This was particular important for her because she was deaf in one ear.