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I am a diabetic and I keep having ringing in the ears and it's driving me crazy.  I think it is the diabetes because I have nothing else wrong with me.  It's such a bother to keep hearing this buzzing in my ears.  Does anyone know what to do about it?  This is crazy having to put up with this.  I play the tv or my music loud so that I don't hear it as much.  I see this ad on tv about tinnitis that this pill is suppose to help with ringing of the ears?  Has anyone tried it?  Does it work?  I need to do something about it. I would like to be able to get rid of it and live normally.  Does anyone have any other remedies they have used to help it?  I am at wit's end with this problem.  I don't take any medications or I would blame it on a side effect from the medication, but I don't take any.  I take pain medicine once in a while.  If anyone can help me, I would be so happy!!!


Hello! I am so sorry to hear about your dilemma.  Ringing in the ears can be a nuisance and discouraging to the sufferer.  First of all, I am not sure if the product advertised on tv is really a remedy. It is made up of natural ingredients so it shouldn't be harmful to administer but I doubt it really cures the problem.  You should have your doctor look into your problem.  It could be your blood pressure; it can also be your diabetes.  It is really hard to say what it can be but you shouldn't have to live with it.  How are your blood sugars?  Are they controlled?  If your blood sugar is running in the highs, try to get them under control and see if the ringing improves.  Are you having any other symptoms other than the ringing?