Has anyone else experienced a broken speaker-type sound in their ears? I've had an obnoxious crackling sound in my right ear for about 2 months. I saw a doctor for it about 3 weeks ago, had a hearing test and passed. To my surprise, she found no infection, irritation, or inflammation in my ear. The doctor suggested I stop taking my antibiotics (minocin/minocycline), as one of the side effects was coincidentally ringing of the ears. I wouldn't describe the sound in my ear as a "ringing" noise. I've experienced ringing in my ears before, and there is actually a huge difference between ringing, and crackling. It's been about 3 weeks since I stopped taking the antibiotics, and the crackling has not gone away! Has anyone else experienced this, or anything similar? It seems as though the problem happened over night. I'm going crazy, and I need some answers. PLEASE. Anyone with any information or suggestions, please get back to me. Thanks in advance! - Mel