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%-) i have a headache that has lasted since mid march and its driving me nuts. I started to have Headaches last year but there were mild and only once and a while they would be severe but there were nothing like im experiencing now. So far ive been to a Chiropractor a aucupuncturist, and ive aslo seen a neurologist. The Chiropractor and aucupuncturist is not helping at all and the Neurologist ruled out migraine and cluster headache or any of the headache possibilties. None of headache stuff on store shelves help let alone stuff that are not on the shelf. We have also thought that me be food allergies but even when days i was eating right i would still have this constant headache that won't go away.This headace is painfully driving me away from work and i cant find anybody that can help me. The only two things that helps me a little bit is Light and noise. So please if anybody can give me any information or point me direction to go it would greatly be appreciated.


My mom had this unknown head ache, we visited several neurologist and so many scans and tests, very thing was normal. One day she had a transient stroke. It may be a symptom of stroke.

please check whether you have High BP.

refer to the link and consult a neurologist

do u experience numbness or tingling on one side of ur arms (right or left hand and leg) if so dont delay
consult a neurologist ASAP