:-( Hi, I'm a 30 yr old mom who just had her 2nd child 3 1/2 mo ago. At the end of my pregnancy I ended up having severe pre-eclampsia which developed into HELLP syndrome within 24 hrs after giving birth. Since then I haven't been the same. My blood pressure is still up and down but not high enough I guess to be on meds. I was on meds for 4 weeks for blood pressure after birth. I've had this constant dull pressing headache ever since as well. Along with this woozy like tired feeling. I'm still not getting a full nights sleep on a cosistant basis as I'm still up with the baby. I also have a 2 1/2 yr old at home too. I've had blood work, CT Scan, MRI to see if anything might have been caused by these medical issues after birth, but all came back normal!!! My "headache" is not painful but is always there. When I do get a headache, Tylonol or excedrine does usually help to releve the pain. My GP and Neurologist aren't sure as to what to tell me. Tried Topamax for 2 weeks, no change. Anybody else experiencing these symptoms???