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I went to see the doctor today after having a head injury 11 days ago, as i was worried about the constant tension headache ive had for the last week, and the symptoms of anxiety that seems to have developed. He examined me a bit, told me everything seems fine, and it was normal to have headache's and other symptoms after a head injury, maybe for upto six weeks. Ive read somewhere about "Postconcussion syndrome" and it looks like this is what i may have. Does anybody know anything about this syndrome and how best to cope with it.



Yeah, that sounds like PCS to me.

Really, rest and pain medication or medication to treat anxiety and depression are used. That's it. But if you want an extra boost to help you, I suggest you see the chiropractor. This will help with any injuries you sustained to the vertebrae, as well as helping to unrestrict the nerves to speed healing.