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I am only 15 and i loss a little vision in my left eye... For example, the whole left side of my left is blurry and i see a black spot... At times i feel light headed... I just got bak from a hard practice for track and when i got home it all of a sudden came out of no where... Ive been drinking water all day especially now so i dont thk im dehydrated... I just wanted to make sure its nothing serious because i got called down to the nurse and she told me tht on my sport physical for track my heart beat was fast. so she told me to come back Thursday so she could check it again... right now i have a small headache... does anyone know whats wrong with me?


Hi guest,

See your doctor NOW.

It could very well indicate a cardiovascular problem.  If you aren't moving enough blood throughout your body it isn't being oxygenated enough.  It also won't be carried to all the parts of your body.  Some areas, the brain and eyes, are very sensitive to low oxygen levels.  You can get a headache and have visual problems.

I can't stress enough that this IS A MEDICAL emergency.  A trip to the Emergency Room is warranted.

You should NEVER have visual disturbances as you describe.  It can also indicate a TIA (transient ischemic attack) in other words a mini-stroke.

This is nothing the nurse can help you with.  You need an EKG (where they look at the electrical activity in your heart) and likely some blood tests.

Do not delay.  Be sure to tell the doctor about the visual problems and headache.

I'm sorry if I'm scaring you but if you were my son/daughter, you'd be at the hospital already.

Good luck.



I just consult with your doctor because i think it is critical problem.

I suggest you small tricks which may helpful to you. Take water in your hand deep your eye for 2 to 3 sec.

Use vitamin A food in your diet which may help to improve your vision.

Coriander i good for eye use it daily in you diet.