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I always get tender breasts before my period which go once I have come on, I had unprotected sex before my period he did not ejaculate but I took the morning after pill just incase, my period came a week late but this time my breast tenderness didn't go even once I had come on, it's now two weeks later and they still hurt, I did two pregnancy tests a week before my period and both were negative, could I be pregnant or are the tender breasts due to the morning after pill? I took levonelle as the morning after pill


Hi Guest,

It's unlikely you are pregnant if you took the morning after pill within 72 hours.  Common side effects DO include tender breasts, a period early or late, and also being lighter or heavier than normal.

Testing early, before your period, false negatives are common.  Despite what the tests say wait until after you expect your period before testing - and at least two, preferably three, weeks after you had sex.

Still, I doubt you are pregnant.

Hope it helps.