I am experiencing severe motion sickness and nausea, intolerance to eating any kind of meats and absolutely NO alcohol without without nausea from both. I cannot ride in a car on most days let alone a plane or train.

 I get head pressure at inner eye/bridge of nose and top crown of head daily. I was just diagnosed through an endoscope with gastritis and acid reflux from inflammation -but the motion sickness seems inconsistant with the usual symptoms.

Also! I was told I may have mitral valve prolapse at my gastro appt. as he heard clicking. I do feel flutters in my heart at times but very brief. My mother has tachycardia and takes meds to slow her heart rate a bit...soooo..not sure if that can have something to do with the symptoms at all. So this chest throbbing/ shooting pains under my pit but lower on a rib and at sternum is confusing me. I have had my gall bladder out.

anyone have motion sickness associated with gastritis or reflux? I can hardly get to work daily! I am on Nexium waiting for results.