Scroll to the last couple paragraphs if you just want to see my question, this is kind of a rant too.

Okay, so I have never before asked a forum anything of this nature, and I am really hoping to only get constructive responses here, but as with all internet forums you never know. To give you some background I am about to graduate from university in a chemistry program and though I am no longer gearing towards med school alot of my early schooling had to do with anatomy, biochemistry of the body. and things of that nature, so I have alot of "I Know Better Than You Mentality" when it comes to things like this even though I really don't know all that much and I really need help here. I feel this is important for you to know right off the bat.

I fell snowboarding on the last good snowboarding weekend of the year (4 weeks ago) at the time my arm was according to the doctor badly sprained and x-rays were taken there were no breaks and everything "Looked" like I would be fine in a couple of weeks. During the last several weeks I have been experiencing what I can only describe as movement within my arm. I am not sure if it is a ligament moving or a bone, however the movement is about 1 inch distal from my elbow joint on the posterior side. It doesn't happen constantly however it is always accompanied by a fair amount of pain, and always a loud crack from the elbow joint. It happens any time I try and put weight on the arm (i.e. getting out of bed) or try to push something that is say more than 20 pounds. My right arm is fine, and I am quite capable of living with what I can only describe as a gimped arm, but as you can Imagine I would like to figure out whats wrong to see if it can ever be fixed. I saw a clinic doctor after about a week and he said that it'll be fine in two weeks and not to worry about it, however he barely looked at it, and mostly made this decision based on the fact that x-rays (that he had never seen) were taken.

I'm not going to lie, I have always jumped to worst case scenario, and since the day after it happened (the first attempts at moving it) something has been "rolling" in the arm. I am hoping it's not dislocated however, seeing as I have never dislocated anything before it is possible. The people around me are the general "tought guy" persona (even the women haha) and all say I need to buck up, which I may have to... but if this doesn't heal by next winter, there'll be no snowboarding because if I fell on it, I have no idea what would happen.

<<<< ---- QUESTION ---- >>>>

Basically -

1) Elbow cracks and something inside moves when I put any weight on it, or try and move heavy objects.
2) Been four weeks since I feel and "sprained the elbow".
3) My other arm can hyperflex - Not sure if this matters but the arm that is experiencing the problems used to be able to but not anymore.
4) Pain can be quite intense but usually goes away quite quickly now, cannot full straighten the arm, only goes say 90% straight.

I'm hoping someone who has dislocated their elbow can tell me whether this sounds like a possibility or if it is nothing like it and I need to just buck up. I just woke up from the pain of my girl rolling onto it which slightly straightened it and thought it was time I sought some more opinions. Maybe it's time for another doctor check up with some more x-rays, I don't know, let the internet folk decide.... thanks!