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It’s been almost a week now that I’ve had this weird pain in my right arm, around the elbow area. I’m having the doctor’s appointment next week but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wait that long since for the last day or two it has gotten painful to the point where I can hardly lift anything. If it helps, I’m female, age 40, a bit overweight but not obese. Before the pain started I didn’t really use the right hand any more than I do regularly, and it started it seems out of thin air. It hurts to touch the area just above the elbow, but it doesn’t feel like the elbow joint is hurting because I can move the arm without pain if there’s nothing touching the sore spot or I’m not holding anything in my arm. Any help?



You have ligaments in the elbow which is connective tissue that connects bone to bone.  It is easy to bruise these or tear one slightly with just the slightest movement.  You also have tendons which are another form of connective tissue that connect muscle to bone.  They to can bruise and tear and cause tremendous pain.  You doctor should be able to determine this.  You might try alternating cold and hot compresses to help with any inflammation.  If you can get some of the inflammation down, that should get rid of some of the pain.  You might try some motrin if you can take it.