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A few days ago I put on a movie in my room and I layed down on the floor to watch it, when I layed down my right shoulder 'popped' I didn't think much of it then but now I am experiencing(sp?) a sharp pain that feels metallic (like a needle or a knife) running across the inside of my shoulder-blade, my elbow, and the wrist.

My first guess as to what is wrong is Carpal Tunnel

My second guess is a pinched nerve, the explanations are somewhat similar to mine.

and my final guess is a possible dislocated joint or arthritis?

it is bothering me and im not sure if it is a serious medical problem and should get it examined ASAP or just a common thing that should do with ice and a few pain releavers.



even though both carpal tunnel and pinched nerve do come with similar type of pain, I don't think that these conditions are the cause for the pain you experienced, mainly because both these conditions are chronic and the pain comes and goes for months, sometimes years. I think you should definitely first try ice and pain relievers and than if the pain doesn't ease off, definitely, see the doctor.

But I feel the situation is not urgent because the pain you experienced sounds most like a sprained back muscle, or even more likely, a sprained ligament (that's why the feeling the pain is running across the shoulder blade). There nothing much to do here, but to treat it much like the sprained ankle.