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Okay, this is quite scary for me as well im only 13, [ Please take time to read ]

but i have no reason to have them, but i really think i have at least one on each side. I get a lot of sharp pains in both sides of the lower abdominal area it gets much worse before periods[ which are always delayed] and can be extremely painful. At first because of my age i thought maybe i have appendicitis but it definitely doesnt seem like that. I also get a lot of acheyness and headaches, and sometimes a bit of hip and leg pain.

Please help me i dont want to go to a doctor with this unless i really have to as its pretty embarrassing enough, without the fact that my doctor is male which can be even more awkward for me, as i do suffer from social anxiety. Also, my mum is very assertive and often talks over me and changes my words when i go to a doctor.. and i dont think she is going to believe me anyway.

Also i was sick yesterday at 10 pm after hours of extreme pain in abdomen and spine. It seriously felt like my spine was being torn out. I havnt been able to eat anything since because of my abdominal pain, which is still a bit twingey, and i have had increased stabbing pain on both sides of lower abdomen reaching down to the groin, i have had extremely painful aching throughout my body (these things are going on whilst i speak) i havnt been able to sit up all day, let alone walk around, tonight is the strongest i have felt but i still can barely walk around. My mum does not think there is anything seriously wrong with me though, she thinks i have just got a bug or something and wont let me have much more time off school, i have been off today and she says i can have tomorrow off, but thats all im getting. However i definatly wont be able to recover in that time, as its taken me literally in all seriousness about 20 mins to type this. [ Thank you ]



You should really seek out a female doctor. If your mom won't take you to one, go to a hospital and request to be seen by a female doctor. What you're going through is not normal, and if you're in that much pain, there is something seriously wrong and a doctor MUST deal with it.

Please seek help as soon as possible! You're so young...I really hope it isn't cysts; if it were, you would maybe have to get your uterus taken out (my mom just recently had this surgery because of her own cysts).

Good luck, please post your results ASAP!