I have been having normal periods with normal pms symptoms. In September my period came on the 4th and ended on the 9th. Then something strange happened, I started spotting around the 24th then on the 27th in the evening I went to the bathroom and started bleeding as if I were getting my period. I woke up the next morning and it stopped. I didn't bleed for the next 3 days. I got my period Oct 1 thru Oct 3. Normally it would have started on Oct 4. My boyfriend got me a home pregnancy test it came out negative. Since then I had a few problems with severe pain in my lower back, lower abdomen, and side found out after a visit to the er, i have a cyst (or what they think is a cyst) a uti and a kidney infection. Both infections cleared up however I am still experiencing pain in my lower abdomen and now the pain is in my pelvis on both sides and I have been constipated. I had my tubes tied 6 yrs ago is it possible I can be going thru an ectopic pregnancy