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Well three years ago I was diagnosed for Ovarian Cysts and every so often I experience the unpleasant symptoms of the disorder.

I understand that ovarian cysts can have symptoms like: frequent urination, clear discharge, and lower back pain more so on one side.

Well my boyfriend and I have never ever had sex but we do fool around a little bit. We are usually very careful ie: if I fool around with him I'm dressed and if he fools around with me he is dressed, he always washes his hands before touching me and I've never touched any of his cum.

Even so...I heard that one can get pregnant from precum if not careful.

Anyway, this is the fourth week since my last period and I'm slightly concerned since I haven't had it yet. I was sort of expecting it this past weekend and instead I started having back aches, frequent urinating and clear discharge. Being extremely paranoid I took one pregnancy 2 days before my period and got a negative result....then I took one the morning of the day I was supposed to get my period and got a negative result...then I took the last one this morning and got a negative result.

I don't have breast tenderness unless I really poke and push my breasts around...I'm not extremely tired or anything, no sickness, no weight gain etc...

Could I be pregnant or is my worry fooling me into misunderstanding my ovarian cysts symptoms?

I was also sick for three weeks prior to my period due date with asthma and allergy problems.


If you have never touched his cum there is no way you can be pregnant. My money is on ovarian cysts. Back in July I thought I was pregnant I had positive tests and everything. Well after emergency surgery they found no baby just a whole bunch of cysts. The dr said that the symptoms are the same, and trust me they are. I already have a 5 1/2 yr old n my baby just turned 4 so I know what it feels like to be pregnant. Good luck and dont stress!!