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my common-law have a cysts in his eyeball, they gave me a antibiotic but it's not working, his eye doctor is on holiday,

his been in too many hospital but they wont take seriously on him, they said he has to wait for his eye doctor,

but he is hurting now. he's been in the dark for about 2 weeks now.. i dont know what to do? they gave him only opthalmic solution, he can't go to work... they gave him.. " cosopt, alphagan, lumigan, vigamox, and a hypertonic solution"

all he do now is stay in the dark, it hurts him when it's bright... he had an operation before about 3-4 yrs ago, he is a color blind before, and his eye cant stay focus..

he was suppose to have an operation again, it's like i said his doctor is on holiday, he has to wait for him before doing operation. but this thing happern.. please tell me what is the best thing to do....... thank you very much.......


Sounds that his doctor did not a good job during the operation. Ask some people in your area to find out what they have said about their ophthalmologist. Narrow and select the reputable ophthalmologists.

Use wash cloth with warm water and cover his eye for a few minutes if that helps. Google on the internet to see what else on the information.