I have PCOS and have tried to get pregnant for years (without doctors) before the condition was confirmed, upon a recent doctor visit I was told my urine test was possitive for pregnancy. 2 days later I whent to the ER for the same pains in abdomen that sent me to my doctor, this time it was accompanied by bleeding for 2 days; since the bleeding has continued.
I was told that my LH level is only 300, and an embryo or fetus won't be visable on either the external nor the internal ultrasounds that I whent through untill my levels reach 1500.
they told me I am very early in pregnancy; they did not verbally rule out an ectopic pregnancy, but the many doctors, RNs, examiners; ect. ... all told me the pain is from an ovarian cyst that is currently 5cm.
2 days after my ER visit the pain is mostly gone, but most of my pregnancy symptoms remain, but the bleeding continues and has worsened. they told me my cervix is closed so it is not a misscarrage, (or a period?)

could my possitive pregnancy test results be caused by the cyst?
blood tests in the ER confirmed the presence of pregnancy hormones.
I am not aware of any previous misscarrages, because my periods are very irregular; but it is possible. The nurses also 'informed me' that most first pregnancies end in a misscarrage, and more misscarrages happen in first time pregnancies.

I am really really worried that I might not really be pregnant; I go back to the hospital for more blood tests tomorrow, and will also see my ob/gyn the next day.

thank you for your answers; I will keep everyone posted.