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Hello everyone. I am 23 years old. I have right side ovarian cyst. About 1 month after I find out about it I began to have very bad breast itching, than pain and tenderness. A few weeks later I began to have moderate pain in neck area. So I dont know how to put all this together and if it all a side effect of ovarian cyst? I am currently taking herbal capsules Cats Claw's to make the cyst go away. If anyone have any idea what I should do please let me know.


Hi Kozachka,

The problem with ovarian cysts is very serious one. The fact that you are feeling breast tenderness and neck pain means that your lymphatic system is responding to ovarian problem. Lymph nodes then to be irritated and enlarged when your body is having some kind of problem, for instance an infection. Are you only using the herbal medication? Has your doctor mentioned any other treatment methods? How is your treatment working for you for now? The lymphatic system will react to changes in the body, and it will go back to normal only when the problem is gone.

I think you should seek new medication if these are not working for you. Talk to your doctor as ask for other options