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My doctor's are at wits ends as to what is causing and I have searched the internet for any and all things.

My daughter is 5 years old and for whole life she has been sick more times than not. She didn't go to daycare because I am a stay-at-home mom, however she did have and was around a ton of kids. So it wasn't nothing like that.

But here is her history!

...Strep throat X11
...flu X 9
...ear infection X7
...double ear infection X3
...RSV- was diagnosed when she was a few months old (I think about 5 months) eye X2
...Fevers that pop up out of the blue (104 or higher) tho it goes away with medicine but comes back with 45 after giving the medicine. And always followed by vomitting and she retains the fever for 8 or more days.
...Fevers are never followed by any kind of coughs, running nose, or stuffy nose.
...Asthma (have gotten under control and doctors feel it was caused from the RSV and feel he will eventually grow out of it.
...Phenomenon X4 (I think) twice put in hospital for that and dehydration
...Has had an allergic reaction to penicillin based medicine and was hospitalized for that twice.

She stays sick for at least 3 weeks or longer and will go 2/3 days feeling better but then sick again. She has missed so much of school that it just hasn't been funny.
We have changed our whole diet that does not include any processed foods. Both of my children get vitamins every day which is a multi-vitamin. Not those cartoon ones.

My son on the other hand will get sick once...maybe twice a year and that is all, same with me and my husband.

Doctor's have checked her iron level and it was low at one time, but we have since gotten that back up, at one time her white blood count got low, but that came back up. Her immune system is really weak (my opinion) and the color of her face is always pale looking, it is like she has no blood!

But any kind of help or if you have/are going through this please share with me what you have done or what your doctor's have done!

Thank you in advance!


Sounds like your daughter has some kind of immune disorder that makes her susceptible to infections. I suggest that you take her to see an immunologist.