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My brother aged 26, had mysteriously died 3 days ago in our car parking slope early morning at 2.30. He had a habit of smoking dope for the past 6 years on a regular basis. He also consumes alcohol occasionally. After consuming alcohol also he will smoke dope. On the day he died, we saw him at 3.30 am lying upside down with both of his hands folded together. His teeth was biting the tongue which had come a bit out of his mouth. His right eye was fully closed and his left eye was one third open which was reddish in color. We rushed him to the hospital by 4.30 am where the doctors said that he died 2 hours ago stating cardiac arrest.

Before 6 months my brother met with an accident which broke his collar bone. His right side head was slightly bruised. At that time also he was drunk and smoked dope. While taking to the hospital he was semi conscious. He was operated for his broken collar bone. We insisted the doctor to prescribe for MRI scan for his head injury, but the doctor said it was not necessary.

Before he died, he spoke with one of his friend at 10.45 pm that he had a vomiting sensation. Usually he sleeps in his room and used to smoke and roam at night times within our premises, but on that day we located him in our car parking slope which is 25 meters away from his room. We are unaware how he went that far.

Our humble questions are,

1) Are there any chances for cardiac arrest due to his above said habits?

2) Is cardiac arrest the only possible reason for his death?

3) Might his head injury before 6 months be a reason?


Expecting the experienced and expertise reply as soon as possible.


Our family will at least be somewhat satisfied if we know to exactly what the reason is.



Hey cartik,

Firstly I am not a Dr, Nurse, medical or health care professional, the answers I will try to give you are based solely on my own opinions  so please do not rely on them as 100% fact answers.  I am sorry for the loss for you and your family and understand you want to try and find answers.

Your brother was only 26, which is a young age to have any issues with his heart, and I assume he was in good health generally? So with regard your brother smoking cannabis I don't think it is likely at al this had any contribution to his cardiac arrest,  cannabis tends to slow things down somewhat occasionally increasing heart rate if you become paranoid, but not enough to cause problems, and if your brother was a regular, or at least used to smoking cannabis this is unlikely to happen.Alcohol depresses the nerves that control involuntary actions such as breathing, heartbeat and your gag reflex, which keeps you from choking. Drinking too much alcohol can slow and, in some cases, shut down these functions. Your body temperature can also drop (hypothermia), leading to cardiac arrest. And your blood sugar level can fall low enough to cause seizures.  It seems to fit with your brother being found in the early hours of the morning this may have contributed, as you described his tongue to be slightly outside his mouth, especially if there are signs he may have bitten it, it may be possible he had a seizure.  Also due to the lower temperatures at this time of day if this happened, with the effects of alcohol already lowering his body temperature as above this could have lead to hypothermia leading to the cardiac arrest,

There are other substances more likely to result in cardiac arrest, but again in such a young age the risks are less.  These would be types of drugs known as stimulants or uppers, known to increase the heart rate, such as speed (amphetamine) cocaine or crack cocaine, methamphetamine.  Is it possible your brother may have used any of these recreationaly without you knowing?

When you ask if it is possible his earlier head injury may be responsible, again this is not a medical opinion, just my own.  I believe brain anurisms can go many months undetected, showing no symptoms until they rupture Most brain aneurysms will only cause noticeable symptoms if they split open (the medical term for this is a ruptured aneurysm).This will then trigger an extremely serious condition known as a subarachnoid haemorrhage, where the bleeding caused by the ruptured aneurysm can cause extensive brain damage and symptoms such as:

  • a sudden and severe headache – it has been described as a ‘thunderclap headache’, similar to a sudden hit on the head, resulting in a blinding pain that's unlike anything ever experienced before
  • stiff neck
  • sickness and vomiting

I am not familiar with the laws in your area, where I am, if there is a sudden unexplained death, especially of a younger person there is always an inquest and the cause of death will be decided and this is what will be recorded on the death certificate.  The inquest is carried out by medical professionals where they would carry out an autopsy, possibly interview friends who had been with that person shortly or even a few day's before that person passed.  This not only helps relatives get closure, but is carried out for medical and legal reasons, such as if the cause is likely to effect another family member, or if there has been any foul play, or exposing a neglectful medical professional who failed to diagnose a terminal condition.  An inquest is even preformed when the person has clearly committed suicide, or has even at an older age died unexpectedly.  If this is something also carried out where you live, although it will take time it may provide the answers you need.

I am sorry I could not provide more concrete answers.  I hope this goes some way to helping you<3




Hi, Violet Cherry.

We sincerely thank you for your kind response for our queries. We made an autopsy and still waiting for the result. Since we have not filed a criminal complaint against this issue, to the police,(since we ourselves know that his death is due to his bad habits) the diagnosis of the autopsy may not be deeper. Hence, anyway to clarify our doubts with the experts we posted this issue. your answer surely gave us a consolation.

We thank you once again. Take care.



Hi cartik,

Before I forget as my brain is like a sieve lol The request you sent, if it was because you wanted to inbox messages instead of publicly posting I don't think this is possible until you have made ten post's, and I don't really want to put my personal email out in a public forum, but I'm happy to chat here until you can do this.  I'm in the UK so time difference may mean I'm slow to reply sometimes.

As with last time I'm not going on any factual information, and I'm very unfamiliar with how things are carried out in your area, but I would guess with any autopsy the same basic procedures are carried out.  I don't want to get too into detail and make you over think things, but they would take weights of things and compare them to what they should be weighing, look for damage especially in your brothers situation with his heart, trying to asses if there was an underlying undiagnosed reason his heart was weak.  They will also take measures of the levels of alcohol and any other substance they find in his system.  If they find the amount of alcohol was not enough to have caused what I touched on in my last post, they shouldn't sign that off as the cause of death.  They would then look into other possibilities I would think this is regardless of if you have made a criminal complaint.  It's there job to piece together what happened and why.  They are bound legally to to it thoroughly as (here anyway) there findings are read out in a court where the cause of death is decided.  Often in younger people if it has been caused by drug/alcohol usage the findings will be recorded as  'death by misadventure' or ... there's another non specific reason I just cant think what it is at the moment, but if I do I'll add it on later.

I believe if your not happy with the findings or you suspect foul play or medical neglect you can request it be reopened and looked at by another pathologist.  This may or may not be at your expense I'm not educated enough about it to confirm.  I get the impression your main question for your brothers passing is, could it be related to the head injury earlier.  This will most definitely be one of the standard areas a pathologist will investigate when taking their tests.  If they notice any abnormality with the brain it will be looked at throughly and if this is the cause they will look into the time of the accident and why it was not found at the time of treatment, interviewing the staff, looking at all the medical records etc. and again IF this was the cause  the DR responsible for neglecting to perform the MRI will be held accountable and face a disciplinary hearing, most likely being suspended until he/she is throughly investigated.  I hope this is the same in your country as I would hate to give you information which was incorrect.

Perhaps if you have a look on Google,  I use Google for everything, what time of day is it, how long do I boil and egg lol We have a lot of information at our fingertips with the Internet and although much of it is misleading if you spend enough time and use reliable sites this may help you to find out the system and how it works in your area.  A final suggestion  would be perhaps if you have a grief counselor or a local citizens advice bureau or equivalent they are very good at sourcing the correct information for you, putting you in touch with the right people and in some instance approaching those people on your behalf.

Please let me know how you get on, and if you need me again re post here I get an alert so will reply when I'm able<3



Hi Violet Cherry, since i am new to this website, i am unaware to chat personally. sorry really. if you need, i will let you know my email id, where our chat will have privacy.
Thank you.