my daughter had her thyroid taken out because of cancer. now she is so tired that she can't do anything such as simple things like housework. she can sleep for a complete 24 hours straight. she is in a lot of pain. she is depressed. i feel so bad that i can't help her. she hasn't found a doctor yet i think that she has fibromyalgia combined with hoshimotos so a double whammy. what do you advise? I know that I am a worried mother but she lives with me and i see the effects of her condition. i use doterra oils but they don't help. she is taking the vitamins that they have which are the best on the market. she is constant pain in her joints and her musles. depression as well runs in her and she has been on every antidepressant that is out there. i love her she is my only living child. i lost my other son by suicide. so i can't lose her. i want my daughter back is there any help out there that we can get. we live in salt lake city utah. please help i see her suffer all of the time. she has a 9 year old autistic son and he demands a lot of attention. thanks for anything that you can do for us.