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My story is terrible. Its all my fault. If anybody who reads this new of it all, no one would respond. Well not in any positive way I can think of.

But I love her so much, since the day she was born she was attached to my heart. I lost her when she was just 14 months old. The last I saw her she was only 2. Her mother hates me - completely justified - but that does not change my love for my daughter. She is almost 13 now. I have sent letters to where I think she is living with no response. I am not even sure her mother and the new man she is married to will even give her my letters. I have no idea how her life is now. I have faith that her mother has treated her well and selected a good man to place in the same house with her, but then again I also know some things about her mother. I am very worried, and trying to be a good boy about it, but it gnaws at me. My biggest frustration is the lack of communication. If I could only just hear from her once in a while just to hear that her life is ok, or not. Even if she says nasty things to me, It would be music compared to the silence.

I am concerned about posting this message on the public Internet. I am not even sure its a right thing to do. I was just doing some research for and English paper I have to complete and stumbled across this site.


I will put this out there, and hope I am not screwing up. I suppose some public opinion would be a wise thing to examine also.

My daughters name is Clara. She lives in a cold mountain state. Thats all the information I dare to post. If you are reading this and know her then please let her know how desperate her father wants to hear from her - no matter how unloving her words may be.




Dear posted by Guest on 3/9/13 1.32 am.  I am a woman but I understand completely how you feel.  Unfortunately I am in NZ and we have laws that stop women even leaving the same city as her husband with their children.  What you did in the past is in the past.  You are entitled to see your daughter.  When she is 18 years old can you get the Salvation Army to trace her and they will find out if she wants to communicate with you.  Her mother may have turned her against you and filled her head with lies.  At 2 years old she won't remember you but if you were hitting your wife or anything this would have affected her.  My grandson was brought up by a basher father and my daughter who would throw things all night and neglect the baby.  Fortunately she gave the baby to the paternal grandmother at 18 months old.  When he was about 14 months old she went out with a new guy and left her son alone, knowing he always woke up at 1a.m. for a bottle.  No idea why he woke up my children always slept right through.  Believe it or not he is still terrified of being left alone at night.  When he visits me every school holidays, he is 8 years old now, he still sleeps with me.  At his own home with his Nana and step grandfather, the stepgrandfather is the best thing that ever happened to him, he goes off to sleep happily at 7.30pm.  I wish you good luck and I will pray for you.  I haven't seen my daughter for 3 years and before that it was 4 years,  She is on methamphetamine and drinks.  Do not give up on trying to find your daughter.  You could try Salvation Army now.  Good luck.  Liz Duff.



Thank you for your reply. I am assuming that NZ is New Zealand? If so, then I now have to be aware that my message went global. I also see that my name is posted as guest. I will have to change that I suppose, but I guess my name is not all that important.

My daughter and I are US citizens living in the United States (not Alaska or Hawaii ) I live in Texas.

The laws here are clearly different than in New Zealand (if I got NZ) correct. But my case is different. Family courts in Texas have a lot of flexibility and a judge could approve an order to prevent divorced parents from moving to far apart. This was the case of my sister until a few years ago.

I did not beat wife or daughter. I am not an alcoholic or drug addict. For now I will leave the rest up to assumption. Maybe I should explain, but not yet. I am just hoping for now that someone thinks they know my daughter.