MY daughter left her husband and 2 beautiful daughters. She claimed on the day they were moving out of state that she needed help, and for her husband to take the girl's. It has been over 3 weeks now and she has only called them once and it was very short then only asked for money. I feel for my grand daughters and son in law. The eldest is 3 1/2 and is emotionally broke and cries all the time wanting her mom. No one can sooth he. My daughter has left her family for her husband's brother, and has unfriended us all, It has broke our family apart and we all are arguing over the situation she has created. My daughter has left him 3 times b4 but NEVER without the girl's. She went to a dr and they gave her valiums, and 2 other meds to get her thru till she gets with a therapist. Which now she refuses to go and has moved on and said doesnt care anymore and to not call if you are not okay with her decisions. At a complete loss and broken for theses babies.