hi my daughter was recently diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer and pathology confirmed the braf v600e mutation. she had over 9 cancerous central lymph nodes and 2 lateral lymph nodes, a total thyroid removal and she also had microscopic cells outside of thyroid. she is due to have her radioactive iodine treatment at end of october. afraid that it has spread elsewhere but hoping for the best. she is a mom to a 16 month old son and has a great husband. does anyone have any experience with this braf mutation? this is found on a whim with a new family doctor who actually took the time to listen to her. i am thankful that she did and they found it . she has been sick alot in her life with chrons disease, hemachromasosis (iron overload) and we thought she had pernicious anemia she had really low b12 levels and would receive b12 shots but now since her cancer diagnosis don't think she ever had it. all of her past doctors never ever checked her thyroid levels.