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i went in on oct 1 for my 10 week appointment and the doctor told me that my pee test was negative and that i wasnt pregnant. my last period was july 22nd and i got a positive clear blue test on sep 1st clearly saying that i was pregnant. i asked my doctor if she would do an ultrasound or sonogram to make sure and she flat out told me no without any hesitation and to come back in a couple months if nothing has changed. she wouldnt even do a blood test because she thought it was a waste of time and money and that i just wasnt pregnant anymore end of story. i dont want to not get a second opinion and be pregnant and hurt the chances of having a healthy baby or babies. my aunt on her second pregnancy didnt get any positive tests blood or pee tests through her whole pregnancy. she finally found someone to do an ultrasound because she could feel the baby moving around and by that time she was 5 months pregnant. i still feel pregnant and i would have had to have miscarried in the last 3 weeks. i havent felt any different or had any bleeding or spotting at all. i dont know if i should believe her or if i should get a second opinion. its my first pregnancy and i still feel pregnant and i dont know what to do. i need a lot of advice. :/


Hi Heather,

Get another opinion.

False positives are very rare and since you have missed two periods pregnancy is possible.  If you miscarried there should have been some bleeding.