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ive posted a few times and nobody has replied and my doctor was useless.
i found out i was pregnant last tuesday, around 5 weeks, on friday i had sex and then on the saturday i started to bleed, like a period but lighter than normal but not really light and on tuesday there was a clot about this big < >
and the bleeding stopped.
i had sex again a day later and the bleeding started again no clots this time there were no clots i have been to see my doctor, who i mentioned the bleeding to and he just dismissed it, the bleeding has stopped now.

I think I have miscarried as i took a pregnancy test at home today and it was negative,(it was only cheap, but still...) i dont understand, last week they did 3 tests wen i went to the drop in clinic and all were positive and i did 2 myself which were positive, but surely i would have felt some sort of discomfort or something.

please please reply, i have no idea what has happened to me or my baby.
i know the chances of miscarriage are high in early pregnancy but i dont know what to do, i have been eating right, stopped going out and resting alot since i found out.
what could i have done to have caused this.
please please help.


Go to the drs and demand a pregnancy test, then see what he/she says.
If they wont give you one, go and see a different dr and tell them about your worries.
I hope eerything goes ok for you hun, sorry I cant help more.

I know what you are saying about the lack of replies, I posted a question a while ago and still have no replies, people seem to be shitty here at relpying. Perhaps there isnt alot of members?


No there are only a few of us, and we aren't paid to do this at all, I apologise, but we do try to get around as many people as we can in the time we have free.

As firefaery put it so well; you can demand a blood test, or demand a second opinion, which they legally have to give you upon request.
explain the negative result to them and dont be hesitant to ask questions or push for them to explain something to you.

Your doctor probably dismissed it because light bleeding is common in early pregnancy.

One of either two scenarios are possible here:

Either this negative test was faulty or false, you did mention it was cheap, I would advise you take a second one: ClearBlue are a good brand, and follow all instructions carefully.

Or unfortunately you could have lost the pregnancy, a fair percentage of pregnancies are merely chemical, and are lost within the first few weeks, especially if it was your first pregnancy, it is common and through no fault of your own.

In any case don't hesitate to follow this up, for the good of you and your child, a blood test should put any answers straight in no time.
I wish you the best of luck.


hi there

10 days ago i found out i was pregnant and last friday nite i starded to get alot of pain and wen i went to the loo i found some spotting..
the pain got very bad through out the nite and early saturday morning my boyfriend took me to the emergency doctors and they admitted me to hospital which i had to stay in all weekend as the pain was very bad and they couldnt scan me untill monday morning,,
monday morning came and it was time for me to go for my scan and i was very nervous and as i had my sczn done the midwife told me i was miscarrying and that i was 5weeks gone.
i was so down and upset as it is now my 6th miscarriage and im only 20 yrs old is there any1 who can plz help me thru this very stressfull time as i just feel so low and drained plz

kind regards
samantha...frm oxford


HOW did you know you were 5 weeks pregnant? Did you already have an ultrasound, or did you guesstimate?

You could have had a 'false positive' test, and not really have been pregnant at all...

IF you did not have an ultrasound to know you were 5 weeks, you may not really have been pregnant..


OH YEAH.. Even after a miscarriage, a preg test stays positive for 1-2 weeks, because the preg hormones do take time to come out of your system.