Hello, my name is Destiny I'm 12 years old and I just had my tonsils and adenoids out a week ago.


Before the Surgery

My parents were given prescriptions to get my pain meds for after the surgery, this included a lollipop that we would stir in water for 30 seconds and I would drink which was supposed to numb my throat along with a red liquid used as pain killers that I should take every 4 hours. ( The lollipop could but was not required to take every hour ). I couldn't eat or drink anything 8 hours before the surgery and my surgery was at 8 Am. 

Day of Surgery

The day of the surgery, I arrived at the place with my mom and aunt, some paper work was filled out and I was asked to change into a gown. ( I was allowed to keep my undergarments on ). The nurses all introduced themselves to me and asked me what my favorite flavor of popsicle was and ensured me that there would be no needles used until I was asleep. The nurse as me my dominant hand and said she would try to get the IV on my non-dominant hand. Another nurse asked me what smell I wanted my anesthesia to be ( my choices were skittles, lemon, and strawberry ). Then it was time for the surgery, my nurse took the bed I was on and brought me to the surgery room. She unknotted the back of my gown and put the anesthesia mask on me. I woke up later in a different room with my mom and aunt there. The nurse saw I was awake and started feeding me a crushed popsicle in a spoon. She said that my tonsils were really bad ( they had been infected a few years back ) and was glad I had gotten them out. 

The Days After Surgery

For the first few days, my pain killers had made me really sleepy so I was asleep most of the time. I didn't eat much and really the only pain was in my throat. From the 3rd day I started getting mild headaches and ear pain and also had trouble breathing when I layed down. I remember looking into the back of my mouth and it was really swollen, basically the entire opening to my esophagus was blocked. On the 5th day I had gotten new pain meds, mouthwash type things, a pink one that numbed which I would gargle for 60 seconds and a blue one which was supposed to help me heal faster which I also gargle for 60 seconds. I'm supposed to use them 3 times day but I've only done 2 at the most. I also started getting migraines so my mom stopped giving me the liquid pain killer and gave me Tylenol instead. My ear pain also got worse with a constant stinging feeling as well as minor neck and upper back pain. And only from the 6th day my teeth have started hurting and it hurts when I move my tongue from side to side. All I've been able to eat is jello, crushed Popsicles, icecream, yogurt, and applesauce. Although I haven't eaten much at all. The only drink I've had besides water is Gatorade. And I have rarely talked since the first day.