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Hey guys, I've read a few different posts on ear lobe lumps and I was curious if anyone could give me more information?

I'll try to be as detailed in my case as possible...

About 6 years ago, had my left ear lobe professional pierced. Took good care of the piercing, used the suggested aftercare products, etc.

1 year ago, I noticed a small lump in my ear lobe about the size of an airsoft right below my piercing.

A few months ago, it started to increase in size, never really hurt at all, was about the size of an M&M. I read up on people with similar issues and found it was usually a normal thing that could take a year or two before it was gone. At the time, my girlfriend even had a similar sized lump in her earlobe.

5 Days ago, I noticed that suddenly, the lump had enlarged greatly (now about twice the size of an M&M) and was very painful. I immediately set up an appointment to see my Doctor, which I'm doing tomorrow. The lump has been quite painful to touch, I cannot even sleep on that one side because it will cause a lot of pain.

2 days ago, I noticed the lump had gotten bigger, and is now even more painful. It hurts when I do not touch it. I started to examine the lump on the back of my ear lobe using a mirror, and noticed that when I touch the skin, it feels very "leathery", and pushing on it slightly, the skin almost indents, if that makes any sense. It feels like there is a small air pocket on top of the bump which when pressed on, the leathery skin sinks into and almost settles there for a few seconds before "popping" back out.

I'm sorry if my descriptions weren't very well written, but I'm very worried about this lump and Im having a hard time sleeping. I'm pretty worried about seeing the Doctor tomorrow. I took my earring out about 5 days ago when I first started noticing the swelling.

I have a few questions...

Of all the possible reasons why there would be a lump in my ear lobe, are there any that stand out in my case? Specifically to the leathery skin, small air pocket, and rapid growth over 5 days? Could it be a tumor, an infection, cancer, or just a typical ear lobe lump? :-P

Is this something that can be taken care of by my regular Internal Medicine Doctor at a family clinic, or would I be needing to see a Plastic Surgeon?

What are the different types of remedies for earlobe lumps?

I understand it may require surgery, and antibiotics.

Can anyone explain the process in detail so I might know what to expect such as, the amount of pain, time, how it will be removed, antibiotics afterward, and cost?

I thank you dearly in advance. I'm quite worried about the visit tomorrow. I've been extremely stressed out from a family health point of view with my relatives going through a lot of problems. I would hate to come home with more bad news.



you might try checking out sebaceous cysts on and see if any of the pics there or descriptions match what you have experienced.

Ear lobe lumps are annoying and can be painful and if left untreated can cause potentially serious problems if they are sebaceous cysts, not to mention that they can come back again and again being a pain in the... ear.

anyway, hope that helps. If you live in a country that has health care and can go see a doctor or if you have insurance coverage, you are a member of the lucky few. If not, you may have to settle for wiggling a pickle between your toes and dancing a gig (not really, I'm joking).

Some posts have recommended things like... sugar and tea tree oil, which won't work if it's a sebaceous cyst. In fact, it can make things worse. But if you have health care, I would totally follow up as these things have a nasty way of coming back again and again until they are removed with surgery (IF that's what it is).

If my post hasn't found you in time to be of help with your appointment with your doctor, maybe you have found your own answers. At any rate, Good luck and Peace.


Good luck, I am going through the very same thing. My dr. is making me an appointment with a surgeon. Please let me know what you find out, and I will do the same.