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I've had my tongue piercing for around a year now but I took it out for a month and repierced it again myself yesterday, I get it will be swollen but I'm having puss like stuff at the top? I cleared it with a ear bud and then mouth washed but it keeps coming back every now and then, should I be worried or is this normal?


Your tongue is getting infected frequently, and you are trying to take care of it on your own.  It sounds like to me that you should go to the doctor and get an oral antibiotic so that you can get it taken care of once and for all.  I would worry about getting a severe infection that would extend from your tongue and end up in your blood stream, causing much worse things to happen to you, for example, sepsis (or infection in your blood) that can result illness or perhaps worse.  Have your doctor look at it, get the antibiotic, and take care not to have the area exposed to bacteria if at all possible.