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Ok my gf is too shy to come here and ask and im really stressing now.

So my gf got her period last month around the 25th and it went away on the 29th, so on the 1st of april we were having sex and i felt the condom break, but i didnt ejaculate inside her at the time, so i removed the condom and kept going like normal, i never came inside her on any occasion while we were having sex even with the condom on. So on sunday april 3rd in the morning we bought the Plan B pill and she took it and we didnt have sex anymore. So now on april 23rd she got what i thought was her period but it only lasted a day. So i'm not sure if that was her period or if it was spotting but now im really stressed and so is she and i want to know was that her period or was it spotting and is she pregnant, what should i do? what should she do? has this ever happened to anyone?



You took Plan B within 72 hours so it should protect against pregnancy.  Plan B can alter her period, make it sooner or later, and sometimes even delay a pregnancy.

You didn't ejaculate either.  Unless there was precum that contained sperm, you should be good.

Since her period is due around this time, she could take a Home Pregnancy Test.  Have her use her first morning urine, it is more concentrated and therefore more likely to show pregnancy earlier.  Follow all directions carefully, especially any times.  The results should be clear, yes or no, not maybe.  False negatives are common testing early (near due date).  False positives are very rare.  If she still hasn't had her period in another week or so, repeat the test.

Good luck.  I don't think she's pregnant.