ok guys, ihave read all these forums just about, that caught my interest. Today is my second day afte my surgery. yes i had a general surgeon, and yes he gave the same ol' line "all you need are a few days to recover", but my problem isn't so much the pain. I started off with a spine shot to numb me down, then after if wore off ooo i have felt the pain like crazy. i gave it a 10 out of 10, but this pain was familiar, i had that pain from when my hemms acted up the worst, about 2 years ago wen i ran to the ER. the thing is i urinated and ate hrs after because i had them hit me with morphene 3 to 4 times to help me out. When i got home, i barely could pee. my smart self kept drinking water to help it move along....7pm was my last piss for the night. 6am comes and im going crazy, my belly looks like im 6 months pregnant, and so i sit sideways in a car to the ER. They said its normal and stuck those tubes to rid me of my urine. about a liter and more came out of me...yes it hurt, but not as bad as my ass did, because i didnt have a pain pill for the day. So now im home with a baggy or urine hanging on my leg. I threw up i believe from the nasty metamucil powder i threw into my water. I haven't had my first bowel movement and so i heated up prune juice which i heard helps when its warm better.
i still feel out of it now that im drinking the prune juice. i hope this stays in my system while i penguin walk to the bathroom. take care all