A few years back I lost my high school sweetheart of more than 8 years to my own weekend binge drinking problem. I realized it early and went for help, the doctor told me that I was 22 and too young to have a problem (what a jackass).

Well a few months ago I lost another girlfriend to the same problem as well as a very nice high paying job. I couldnt find another job as my boss wouldnt give me any sort of reference. In turn I also lost my new vehicle, my apartment and almost all of my stuff. This was 2 days before my 24th birthday. Well I couldnt handle it, I went on a serious 2 day bender trying to stop the pain. Bad idea. I ended up slashing both wrists with a box cutter and if a friend didnt happen to show up unexpected I would have bled to death.

Well after a short detox session and a very uncomfortable stay at the hospital .Uncomfortable being half drugged and watched by 2 police officers because of being on suicide watch. I decided that screw it.. Im going to stop for good.

I went to see my family doctor and he was AMAZINGLY helpful. He gave me some sedatives to help with the shakes and referred me to a "Jumpstart" program (kind of like AA but one on one counselling). The Jumpstart program also perscribed me antibuse, which has been a big help as I will get VERY sick if I even use mouthwash.

It has been months now since I had my last drink and life is starting to feel better. The alcohol "crutch" has been replaced by the satisfaction that I can have fun without liquor. The antibuse allows me to still go out to nightclubs and pubs with friends and have no temptations as I will get very ill. My friends love it because Im their built in designated driver. I got another job with a new boss and got my vehicle and apartment back.

I think what made me stop is the fact that when I cut my wrists I was very scared because I knew what I was doing but something wouldnt let me stop myself from doing it. It terrified me that next time I lost control I didnt know if I would survive or what I would do.

To all those who think they may have a problem with drinking, please go talk to your doctor, it will only get worse if you dont do something about it. There is hope and help out there though, just reach out for it.

Good Luck to all