Hello everyone


I have seen a few posts lately about being late but with negative pregnancy tests and i just wanted to share my story so if anyone has any questions feel free to ask or PM me.


So my last period was February 4th 2013

My next expected day of period was march 7th since i am 31 day cycle


Anyways the 10th comes and no period this is not normal for me...

Went to the doctor because i was having cramping did blood work and it was negative. So he scheduled me for an ultrasound and the appointment. So i was taking pregnancy tests every couple days because i felt different but i ALWAYS got negatives. I was getting worried because if i wasn't pregnant what was causing me to have this pain and missed periods. Well day of my ultrasound came (10) days late.. the tech said the results would be back in 4 business days.. So 4 days went by and i haven't taken a test in 5 days.. I took a clear blue non digital.... My husband looked at it and got disappointed that it was negative.. Then i looked at it and it was a VERY faint positive. So then right after i took a clear blue Digital and it was positive 1-2. I was so over joyed i ran to the doctors to get my results. Well the doctor was a complete penis first of all.. He looked at the ultrasound and said nothing was there... I asked him if i was a very early pregnancy would you be able to see anything and he said yes...(He is wrong BTW) Then i took a urine test at the doctors and it was negative (He gave me the results after 30 seconds) and he made me believe i have got 2 false positives..... So i was very depressed and i was gonna just go home. Well my husband was like i wanna go get more pregnancy tests so off we went we bought 2 clear blue digital 2 first response digital and 2 non digital first response.... Took a digital FR and it was positive.... Next day took a non digital and it was positive.. for 3 days my tests kept coming up positives.. So i went to my regular family doctor 2 days later drove 2 hours to see him.... He couldn't believe the doc told me they were false positives... But by my LMP i should of been 7 weeks...... I got blood work and it was positive... The weird part about it that i was only 4 weeks pregnant for my ultrasound he wouldn't of seen anything. And i got pregnant when i shouldn't of been ovulating!!


So to all the girls out there if you miss your periods wait 14 days or 2 weeks because i never got a positive till i was exactly 2 weeks late!!!

Good luck everyone