Try Prune Juice heated in microwave and drink a cup and It will release not only gas but everything in your stomach. It worked in 10 - 15 minutes. It was a God sent answer to all my horrific bloating & gas. It was the only thing I could find to stop all the bloating that was so painfull. I hope this helps anyone out there suffering with bloating & gas pains. I had it for 18 days and wouldn't let up. The gallbladder was taken out 14 days ago and I had the bloating & gas and pain in the back for 4 days before I went to ER. But I continued with the pain after for another 14 days. No pain reliever will work for this kind of pain, no gas x, everything I tried from other people with the same pain. The prune juice heated up and drank 1 cup and a hour later drank another cup it was relieving so much gas and build up in the stomach & intestines. Today I am feeling so much better! Thank God!!!