Today I had some Indian food from a place I normally go to, and later threw it up. I then became dizzy, warm, and developed a headache. Before today I have not had one of these days (where I throw up everything I eat) in about a week. After throwing up the first time I slept for about 4 hours having took some meds I've been prescribed, and threw up bile when I woke up. I also had trouble with bowel movement. I went to look for something to eat so I don't just throw up more bile, and ended up eating four pickle spears and drinking a little less than half the jar of pickle juice. Drinking the juice is normal for me because I found in those two weeks of not holding food down that it tends settles my stomach. However I'm finding while I post this that I still feel like I'm going to throw up. I have also had weight gain. About a pound per day though today and yesterday I weighed myself and I had lost two pounds. I'm also having muscular-skeletal pain in many of my joints, my chest, my back...just about everywhere. I have been to see a doctor and I got some blood draws and the results came back with no abnormalities. All of the above issues have been going on for about 4 years now, but only up until about two months have they gotten worse. One day having a very painful day I went to the ER where after seeing that I had no insurance, and declaring I was not a "car accident victim" I was given some injections, phenergan, and a steroid. They told me to get my thyroid checked. Though after hearing about the ER my regular doctor said he saw no reason to do so? What should I do, and does anyone have an idea of what could be going on?