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Hello Everyone!

I don't have SM but my husband does. He's actually had it since birth. We've tried specific vitamins such as B-6 and C and he’s used detoxifing systems, but to no avail. I’ve completely changed around his diet. He’s now eating veggies and salads with every meal. He’s cut out a bunch of junk food and sodas. He’s also starting to work out, but he does still smoke. He’s been going with this new regimine for nearly a year now and the only improvement I can see is that when his cysts get inflamed they don’t get as big. I’ve talked to all kinds of people and dermatologist seem to be the least helpful.

Not to worry! We’re not giving up hope on this! I’ve told him over and over that he’ll beat this disease. There’s something out there, but it won’t just come to us. It’s going to take a lot of research and pestering the ridiculous dermatologists.

My husband is very insecure about his appearance which is understandable but silly to me. I honestly don’t notice it and I have to reassure him everyday that I love him for who he is. Those with SM should never give up hope on themselves. The people who notice your skin and have a problem with you because of something you can’t control, those people are nothing but superficial S.O.B.s who only focus on themselves. I’ll always love my husband no matter what. There is so much more to life though than worrying about your skin. If you let that drag you down then you’ll never have fun. When we go out and my husband forgets about his skin condition for a while, he has such a great time. But if he dwells on it too long he becomes depressed. I know I don’t fully understand what you are all going through, but I do see how it affects daily life. It makes me sad, but that’s no reason to give up. I think people with SM and other skin diseases are some of the most admirable people. I wish more people were strong like you.

Best of wishes in your search. I’ll be posting too.



Please contact me at myspace , username is emilsmcro. I'm interesting in fighting too.