I am an RN in central Georgia. I am 26 w/ acid reflux that has been well controlled for the past several years. I take my medication as I am prescribed and generally eat decently. I do have a serious sweet tooth but typically love my fruits and vegetables, drink lots and lots of water and green tea, and am the driving force for good health between my fiancé and myself. 

My fiancé is 28 and the exact opposite. He eats terribly, Mt Dew is his water, and although he definitely has reflux, doesn’t bother to take an OTC PPI. He’ll just pop tums when the heartburn becomes too much to bear. He also doesn’t have insurance until we marry, so I can’t give him too much grief. 

He began experiencing sulfuric burps that seemed to follow  the consumption of milk products. He would also become severely bloated and miserable. His family does have several members who are lactose intolerant. We switched out to Lactaid milk and if he eats anything with cheese, he takes the Lactaid capsules. It has helped some but hasn’t completely alleviated the problem. He’s learned Pepto bismol does the trick of fixing the problem. 

He is a relatively intelligent man so, when he said he looked online, I suspected he looked for reputable sources. And from what he has told me, I can see where he was concerned about developing lactose intolerance. However, I have never experienced a single sulfur burp in my life that I can remember. Until this morning. And it’s pretty memorable, to say the least. 

It’s been 24 hours since I took my PPI. I had Lactaid milk yesterday and a sprinkle of cheese in my chili for dinner. I usually am not even gassy from chili. This has me curious as to what might be causing myself and my fiancé to experience this simultaneously. Especially since he is not experiencing it today while I am. 


I am concerned about an H. Pylori infection or severely alkaline water based on my own limited internet investigating. Once the holidays are over I’ll be visiting my gastroenterologist but am curious if something similar may have happened to someone else that might give us a clue.