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We’re in a horrible situation ever since my husband was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was at that point at stage 3 and had both the surgery to completely remove the left lung love and intensive chemotherapy afterwards. Despite all this, neither of this being easier on me than on him, he still continues to smoke every chance he gets. It’s terrible enough that it’s a question of time if his disease will turn for worse, but I can’t stand watching him making this whole situation unbearable. He is continuing to kill himself with cigarettes and I’m afraid that his next lymph node biopsy results only show his cancer progressed. He did promise both to me and to his doctor he’ll stop, but it seems he was just saying this to get us off his back. I’m really out of my mind and out of ideas how to help him to stop


You don't say that he is struggling to quit, which tells me that he currently has no intention or desire to quit. Thereore, you will have to reframe this situation in your mind. Either resolve to enjoy the time you have with your husband while he continues to smoke, stage an intervention with other family members to pressure him to quit or give him an ultimatum. The intervention and ultimatum may do it, but it sounds like he may simply just want to do what he wants to do.  Good luck.