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:-( My husband had his hard coughing for approximately 3-4 years now. I am worried for him. Whenever he coughs, he would see spots (in the shape of a smiley face), develop chest pain, cough for up to 5 minutes really hard, may cough up to 6 times a day, has a slight wheezing sound inside, he doesn't smoke a lot, his coughing is really loud, he cannot get mucus up into his mouth for lab samples, sometimes his coughing will make him gag and burp afterwards. Please, what should we do? Even our friends are worried about his coughing! :'(



Does your husband smoke cigarettes? The chronic cough is something that can get very serious and it usually is connected with your chest and respiratory system. The fact is that he can have lung infection but lasting this long is not very likely. You have to understand that there is a chance of tumors that can appear in his lung to cause this coughs that he has. He really needs to scan his chest and to see if there are any traces of tumors on his lungs. Also has he been using any medication in these couple of years? I know that some medication can cause adverse effects as constant and long coughs.

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