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my husband is uncircumcised and I noticed he had some white stuff on the head of his penis when he pulled back the skin. He usually has this after we have sex ..But we haven't had sex in a couple of months because of my c section he asked me to give him a Head and I can't do it.. it's not just the white stuff on his penis it has a funny smell to it To.. I'm scared and don't want to jump to conclusions but there has to be reason this is the only reason he's had white stuff on there before was because we had sex or did foreplay which we haven't done in a while someone please help me understand????


Hi ArrWil,

The white stuff is likely smegma.  It's normal but HE needs to take better care of his hygiene.  Tell him to pull it back and clean UNDER his foreskin.

He could possibly also have a yeast infection.  Yes, a male can get them too.

Hope it helps.



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As Dan said, it's probably just smegma but my God I wouldn't consider asking anyone to play with mine until I cleaned it thoroughly, geeze Louise!!!
Tell him to wash it inside and out and then check it yourself before you do anything. If he wants you to help him recover from your operation that's the least he can do.