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We’ve all heard women complaining that they just can’t figure out the inner workings of the male mind. While men and women clearly have their differences, there are several misconceptions about men that many women mistakenly hold as truth.

Think you know everything you need to know about men? Some women complain that they can’t figure out the inner workings of the male mind, while others claim to be experts on the opposite sex. Chances are that even the most experienced women mistakenly believe at least some of the most common misconceptions about their male counterparts.

Men are Unemotional

Men are conditioned to play the tough guy role and hide their emotions from a very young age. We’ve all seen the gender roles at play in families all over the country. A little girl falls down and scrapes her knee and she runs crying into her daddy’s open, loving arms.

Replay the scenario with a little boy and he may very well be told to suck it up and stop whining like a girl. While not all children are raised with these gender stereotypes, many still are. So it’s no surprise that women continue to feed into the misconception that men are not emotional. But not showing emotions is not the same as not having emotions. Because masculinity prevents men from displaying their emotions on a regular basis, they learn to conceal their emotions on the inside. The trick for a woman, is to convince he guy to gt in touch with those emotions and learn to release them via healthy communication.

Men Don’t Want to Commit

It is that ingrained sense of masculinity that teaches many men to suppress their emotions. One of the problems with this emotional oppression is that it can affect a man’s emotional behavior, specifically, his ability to profess his undying love to the object of his affection. While a man may very well be experiencing that head over heels, travel to the ends of the earth, jump in front of a moving train type of love on the inside, his outward demeanor probably won’t be displaying any signs of his inner self. And though he may already believe that he has found his life partner, many men will fight the feelings, refusing to give in to a life of monogamy.

Though many men act as though they love their freedom and independence, chances are that most of them really do place a lot of value on being in a loyal, monogamous relationship. The problem isn’t really with men not wanting to commit, it’s with them being able to give into what they want and take the leap into monogamy. Women should be happy to learn that once men do commit, according to a recent study, up to 81% claimed that they would honor that commitment and never cheat on their partner.

Men Don’t Know How to Communicate

The truth is that men love to communicate, but many times they have a different way of communicating than women do. Men will often hold back what they want to say for fear of offending women, who they believe may not be able to handle what they have to say. This can lead to men beating around the bush and communicating indirectly. Women can either learn to read between the lines, or better yet, squash any misconception that they are overly emotional and too sensitive to handle what men have to say.

Men are Intimidated by Strong Women

Many men are attracted to, not intimidated by, strong women. And while some men actually are intimidated by a strong, confident, independent woman, the majority of men are not. Confident men are proud to have a partner who is equally confident and strong. Most men find being with a strong, independent women to be empowering, not emasculating.

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