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my balls have been really weird since i was born. i cannot jack off and cum yet i've had wet dreams. my left ball has what feels like a ball of string on the bottom of it which somewhat hurts if applied pressure to. randomly. i get terrible pains in my left testicle and it hurts to walk or to touch. please help. when i get the pain it usually goes away in an hour or two. please respond asap! i am 15


Hi Brandon,

You NEED to see a doctor, preferably a urologist, about your testicles - NOW.  Your description of a "ball of string" CAN indicate a variocele.  It's basically a big vein.  The problem is that it can raise the temperature of your testicles and that can lower your sperm count.  You DO want this treated sooner rather than later.

Not all guys can ejaculate via "traditional" up and down methods.  Some guys need to "hump" things.  You'll find a way.  That you have "wet dreams" is very NORMAL and a sign you are physically and sexually mature.

Do see a doctor - soon.

Good luck.