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Im havin an issuse. Im 2 months and 1 week late for my period. My last period was december 27th my next period wasnt supposed to come until the 31st of january but it never came. On the 8th of february i experienced light bleeding n i dismissed it cuz i thought it was just my period comming but it didnt get heavier n it only lasted for a day or two n it wasnt even enough to come to my panties it was only when i wiped. Well anyway after tht went away i tripped a little but but not much cuz this happened to me befor but i came on my period a week or two later. But in this case it didnt happen at all. I just experienced a lil spottin again n it started out pinkish then turned brown n after that nothing. I have taken 5 pregnancy test n all negative. I took two befor the spotting on the 8th n two more the week after n they were negative i went to the doctor two weeks ago n took a pee test n still negative but i still havent had a period. I have experienced nausea and diahreah n tht came out where n tht was like one time n it was the weekend b4 last . N ive been bloated a lot here n there n im not really sure but i think im starting to see changes in my belly n i feel a lil lump near my pelvic area. Idk if its supposed to be there n ive just never paid attention to it until now or wat. Sorry if its tmi. Im just freakin out n idk wat to do now. Any opinions? Please help.


I suggest getting a blood pregnancy test drawn. They are more accurate than a urine pregnancy test and can read smaller amounts of HCG hormone since some women do not produce enough HCG for the urine test to pick up on. If negative your doctor should do some other test to see why you are not having a period like checking your hormones, looking for cyst, etc. Good Luck