Hi, so here it goes, i have a 28-29cycle. got my period May 22 (3-4days) and had sex june 13, (w/condom) 5 days before my expected period and got my period exactly as i expected june 18 and it was normal and lasted for 3-4 days. (haven't had sexual intercourse after june13) but my period for this month was 2 days earlier than expected it came july 13 instead of 16 and lasted only for 2 days, it was heavy like normal period with even blood clots like my normal ones the only problem is it stops after 2 days (was a bit stress btw that week coz of work deadlines) i am wondering if i could be pregnant or i am just worrying too much and being paranoid which messed up my period this month.

please enlighten me cause it feels good to have someone to talk to and give some advice regarding this. Thank u