I currently had a medical abortion at 16 weeks  2 months and a bit ago, I have continuously bled the entire time, this past month I've bleed very heavy for no more than 4 hours where I can't get off the toilet for more than 10 mins before it going through a pad, I've only had the heavy bleeding three times this week, I have quite big lot clots coming through which makes the blood leak out straight away, they are constant when I'm having the heavy bleeding spell. and it's affecting my work life as it's embarrassing and I feel paranoid going out incase it starts randomly. I've seen the doctors they just keep giving me tablets to take that aren't working at all and the past few days I've had such bad pains in my stomach and today was really bad I was just in agony. Has anyone discovered what resolves this. I have been giving medfamic acid and trenimix acid or something which are used for period bleeding. I've had a scan and examination and nothing's seen they just said there's just a little bit of tissue left now and there's nothing much they can do as it's hormonal apparantly. I'm very stressed and I have my holidays in 3 weeks time so I really need this bleeding to stop and it's getting me down a lot because and I'm usually an active person and I can't even walk far anymore because my iron level is so far down which I've been given iron tablets to take. Im 19 and I'm on my own as I've not told anyone so I just get upset because it's hard to hide the fact you're bleeding to work when your having to go to the toilet and being sent home a lot. and the doctors don't know how to resolve the issue so I just want advice and help please :(