Ok so I finally came on december 8th last month I came on the 9th and this was early so I expected it to be early again. Anyway it wasn't like its normal self .. its usually heavy& it wasn't really but it was enough to call a period. The 1st day it was brownish n spots then that night like a full period until yesterday evening when it stopped. I never had sex but I had 2 encounters with my bf where he tried to put his penis in but it never ended up by my vagina it was always by my mons pubis(area below ur bellybutton) or touching my clitoris& he'd grind and never ejaculated or pre ejaculated& ik bc I would have seen it, nothing ever came out. After that I feared I could be pregnant but I realized I didn't have sex bt there was a slim chance.. I've been feeling paranoid& every little thng that happens I worry over bt it culd b normal stuff that's been happening all alone I'm just paying more attention 2 it nw since I messed arnd.. I've been stressing a lot lately so maybe this could be why my period is different .? I went of yesterday evening but I usually last a full week , it was only 5 days this time.. Is this stressed related Or normal bc my period has done this before months ago or implantation bleeding .? I'm only worrying bc I messed around & I wouldn't normally be bc I never did nothing like this or messed arnd. I am a virgin& not sexually active. Can I get an explanation please