So I can't tell if I am having stomach issues, am really stressed out or if I am pregnant.  I am on the pill and have been since august.  Once I missed my pill on october 31 (usually take it at night) and I took it at noon the next day.  I waited 10 days to have sex again.  My boyfriend and I always use condoms as well.  My period is suppose to start five days from now so it's too soon to gauge this with a late period....however for the past two weeks my stomach has been bloated and in a lot of pain, occasional headaches, sensitive smell.  I am an anxious person and have worked myself up thinking I was pregnant when I wasn't before but this pain feels real.  I have had minor digestive issues in the past, so this could be a new flare up but I am PANICKING that I am pregnant.  I keep telling myself the chances of that are ridiculously rare....but I still think about how I missed a pill last month despite waiting over 7 days AND using a condom.  Can someone share similar ease my mind or something if they think I am overreacting?  I jump between thinking I have colon cancer and am pregnant....a few weeks ago I was bleeding when I I am just super anxious I don't know what is going on with me