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Hello everybody!

So i am on birth control and have been for two years.  My husband and I NEVER have protected sex since I have been on the pill for so long.  When it was time for my period, I was a day late and then spotted for two days and then it totally disappeared which is not normal for me (I usually have a five day period or more.0  I have taken four pregnancy tests and all of them are negative.  But I keep having indigestion,  a burning feeling in my lower stomach, very gassy, constipated, and have been burping today which is not normal for me.  I have been experiencing the lower stomach burning and constipation for five days now and I am getting off and on feelings like cramping today.  I am also bloated and am uncomfortable when I button my pants for the first time today.  My period is not due for another two weeks, so I know I am not about to start my period.  Please help me figure out what might be going on.  Thanks you guys :)




It sounds like you may have had implantation bleeding which happens before your period is due though not all women experience that when they become pregnant. Some pregnancy tests work better than others so i would suggest getting a couple different brands and trying them a few days apart. If you still get a negative you should see a doctor and have them test you. Hope i have helped =)