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Ok a few weeks ago I was with my boyfriend and I.... jacked him off. He didn't actually ejaculate on my hand at all, and afterwards I went to the bathroom, my hands were dry by now (the sweat on my hands had dried), and (being the genius that I am) I touched my vagina to see if I was, y'know....wet. I forgot to wash my hands and I started freaking out and I put hand sanitizer on my vagina (yeah don't do that) and managed to stop my worrying at the time.

A few days before my period was scheduled to start, my stomach started hurting really badly and I threw up bile. I went to various websites and looked at the symptoms of early pregnancy and I guess that was one of them. I believe my head tricked me into thinking I had half of them; hot/cold flashes, morning cramps, etc. (keep in mind I have never actually had sex).  I had a really bad anxiety attack and I didn't get any sleep. I forced myself to eat a graham cracker, despite the pain. I felt a tiny bit better after eating. That was probably the cause of the stomach pain

My period was supposed to come 6 days ago. Well, my anxiety came back yesterday. I'm trying to reassure myself there's no way I could be pregnant. I haven't done anything. I'm 15 and I know I'm still at the age where my period is really wonky and stuff. I've been worrying a lot lately and I'm hoping stress is the only thing causing the delay. Like I said before, I haven't had sex. The closest its gotten to that is when I had my legs wrapped around him in the (chlorinated) pool but I've read online that you can't get pregnant from that unless you're like both naked and he's inside of you and yadda yadda.

I know there's no way i could be. Stress has definitely affected it but I'm having a hard time calming down. Maybe a pregnancy test would help but I'm too embarrassed to have my mom buy me one even though she knows how worried I am. A few people on Yahoo answers gave some really snarky answers (I assumed I'd get that from there) and if anything they made my anxiety worse. 

Is there a way I could be? Surely not... I need reassurance and a few techniques to help calm me down.

Is it possible that my period just skipped this month? Last month it came a full week early. Maybe this is retaliation from that?



From what you've said, there seems almost no chance that you could be pregnant. But I will try and be more convincing if I can!

You know that to get pregnant, sperm has to get in your vagina at a fertile time. So, what date did it happen? What were the dates your last 2 periods started? Was there any pre-cum? If there were no pre-cum or cum, there could be no sperm.

Your sickness was probably a bug.

The chlorinated pool activity would not cause pregnancy. But when did that happen?

If your mother knows how worried you are, (does she know you are a virgin, and why you are worried?), then I think she would be happy to buy you a test. Where do you live? Often they are free.

To calm yourself down, realise the facts you have already outlined. Do you pray?

It is possible your period is late(stress can do that), or that you have skipped a month (it happens).

I hope this helps as a start. I certainly don't think you could be pregnant according to the information you have provided.




This seriously helped, thank you.
And no there wasn't any cum/pre-cum. Just the sweat on my hands.
The first incident happened a few weeks ago. I don't remember the date. I believe the pool thing happened last week or something. So not that long. As for the stomach thing, I think I either had the stomach flu or was ill from not eating much all day. The anxiety attack definitely made it worse.
If my period doesn't start in the next two days I'll take a pregnancy test, just to make sure because I believe there's anything other than stress that would cause such a long delay. (perhaps sleeping schedule because I've been getting up earlier.) I live in Kansas and I know there are places I can get them for free. I don't mind going and getting a pack at Walmart (that's what self check outs are for haha). My mom's been supportive of me and she knows I'm not dumb. I know she'd help me with anything I needed but its still embarrassing asking her if we can go get pregnancy tests. She went through all this when she was 15 so she understands.
I can feel mother nature's presence but she's taking her sweet time. Again, thank you so much. :)



Pleased to help. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.

A few weeks ago and last week probably weren't fertile times.

If you can get over the 'embarrassment' and ask your mum for help, it might make it easier next time there is a problem, and probably bring you closer together. But I think I understand how you probably feel (being the father of daughters).

Take care



Yeah ok I was meaning to report a long time ago but I never got around to it. lul
My period did eventually start, albeit it was 12 days late, I was relieved. I haven't done anything stupid since then but Lord for some reason I'm anxious about this months. Its supposed to start in a few days. This time its easier to calm down because there is literally no way.
I'm good now and I hope some other girl having the same situation is calmed by my question. Because it took a lot of balls to actually ask it. There's never any accurate situations on Yahoo answers and I can understand doing a ton of research in hopes of finding the answer you want to hear.
Thank God for the anonymous/guest option on here,though, man, I didn't really feel like making an account anywhere and having it haunt me. My goal was to ask, get an answer, and go and never come back and you cant do that with a Yahoo question hahaha.



I am glad you had your period, albeit 12 days late. Stress often does things like that.

I realise it often takes courage to ask a question like you did. I am glad that you recognise the help your question can be to others. It is true that you can search to find the answers you want to find. Many answers are cavalier telling you not to worry.

I am glad you came back. It is good to remember your past experiences and learn from them. Don't run away from them. I would encourage you to register here and find those who you can trust to help. After you have posted in open forum, you also have the option of private message, and if the information gets too personal for open discussion, you can ask in private. Also, if you ask another question that I attempt to help with, I may have the link back to previous questions, and so may have a better understanding, and can give better advice.

Your reference to 'Lord' and 'God' suggest there may be religious, perhaps Christian, connotations. Is that the case?

I trust your period comes on time, but if you have worries, come back and express your concerns. But as you are only a guest, I might not spot your question, and would not necessarily know it was you anyway.

I hope my response helps.

Take care