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I have been taking birth control for seven months now. On my third day of my birth control pills I forgot to take my third pill and had intercourse the day after. We had intercourse quite a bit during the month but we never used protection other then the pill itself. Then on the 12 pill we had intercourse again and that night i took my pill four hours late :/ and i took the 13 pill three hours late :/ and then I missed my 15 pill. So i missed my pill the fifth day after having intercourse ugh. anyways its the 19 day and my body has felt a lot warmer. for the past 3 days I've had mild cramps before my period, and i feel nausated all the time especially at night. i feel pain on my hips and on my back slightly. I'm worried I could be pregnant. Is it possible that because we had a lot of sex this month without him pulling out and ust cumming inside me. We weren't thinking about it. But I've heard birth control pills can fail? I'm I at risk? Should I get a test?

Loading... it possible to get pregnant if you miss a pill five days after having sex?